Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Photo Essay

The Point of this photo essay is to show people what they really believe about some racial stereo types. To show you that we are all humans, but sometimes are treated differently when we should not be split apart from each other. In my "experiment" I am going you five different people, and five different houses. Your goal is to match each individual with which house they live in. You have no other information. Good luck.


All of these pictures of families are local families from Tigard and Tualatin from many different heritages, and backgrounds. The houses are houses that each family lives in. You goal is to try to guess which family lives in which house.

This is the correct order.




This is just a random idea to show people that stereotypes about people and there races are not always true. I know all of these people personally and asked them to be in my photo essay. They all thought that my idea was aggregate humble way spread the light on a big issue going on today in the world. Bing In high school I know that rumors can be makeup and spread around very easily and very effectively. If you have seen the movie Grease, you know what I'm talking about. Also I know that i high school almost 90% of the rumors that you hear are not true. I have heard many racist comments, and stereotypes, and try to ignore them. But the more and more you hear, the more and more you think. You look at people differently. Because of there race, or skin color, or what they believe in. You truly learn how to judge a book by it's cover. You start to believe the things you hear. That needs to stop. If you got a lot of these answers wrong you probably answered by using stereotypes. ___ people are rich so I bet this person lives in this house.  Because this person is ____ I bet they live in this house. This type of stereotype I have heard thousands of times. People need to realize what they are saying when they say something. You might love a certain song because of the rhythm, but the lyrics might be terrible. But you don't care/ You just sing along because it sounds cool. We as people need to face the facts that racism still exists, and we need to put and end to it.